Inspired by the award-winning, art house, American cinema of the 1990’s and 2000’s, Nineteen Films is an independent production and sales company focused on creating meaningful, impactful films that we would like to watch ourselves — films that are story and performance driven, with additional attention to cinematography, lighting, color, and music. in 2011, Nineteen Films was formed by actor and filmmaker Cal Barnes, with the purpose of creating inspired cinema, and although our industry has changed substantially since then, our reason for storytelling hasn't. We just love making films. It's that simple. We create projects that focus on the heart of what we believe filmmaking is — an inspired script, a talented cast, a hardworking crew, and a visionary director with a relentless passion to tell a story — with these elements as our focus, we can create films that preserve and enrich the timeless treasure that is the American cinematic experience.